1. Latin for “darned thing was here just a second ago.” 2. The only organ in either the male or the female body whose sole purpose is pleasure—which from a biological perspective might indicate that female genitals are more highly evolved than male genitals. 3. Sometimes regarded as the Emerald City of women’s orgasmic response. 4. Not to be approached in haste. 5. Sometimes wants to be caressed with vigor, other times can hardly tolerate being breathed upon. 6. Thrives on tenderness, playfulness and respect. 7. In Ebonics, it is called a click. 8. UK slang for an aroused clitoris is a “budgie’s tongue.” 8. The clitoris is approximately 3 ½ to 4 ½ inches long and is much more complex than most people know. It consists of the glans (tip), corpora (body), crura (legs), bulbs and root. To understand more about the clitoris, please watch our video on the clitoris.