Bumps or zit-like eruptions on the skin of your genitals that might or might not be actual acne. These are usually normal and can be caused by an eruption of small glands on the labia and scrotum called eccrine (sweat glands), apocrine glands which produce pheromones and a milky-kind of sweat, or by an inflammation or infection of hair follicles. (Genital acne tends to be more common in people who work out a lot and often have a sweaty crotch as a result.) Genital acne can also be caused by certain hair removal techniques, soaps that are scented or highly alkaline with a pH above 7 (soaps for female genitals with a more acidic pH of 3.8 to 4.5 are best), or by a sexually transmitted infection. Never try to pop a zit or anything that looks like a zit that’s on your genitals. If the bumps or acne suddenly appear soon after having sex, be sure to get checked for a sexually transmitted infection. Also consult with a healthcare professional if you have one and have any questions or concerns, given we’re talking about your genitals and that’s not where you want to risk getting an infection.