Any inflammation of a man’s urethra that is not caused by gonorrhoea. The symptoms can range from barely being noticeable, to being quite nasty. NSU might cause a white or cloudy discharge that drips out of the penis, or it can make peeing burn or hurt, or the head of the penis might feel strange or stranger than usual, or there is an increased need to urinate, or there is pain or swelling of the testicles which means the infection might be advanced and the man better get his penis and testicles to a healthcare provider ASAP. Chances are good he got it during intercourse, but blowjobs and anal sex are possible routes as well, and sometimes, a guy can get it without having sex. (Good luck trying to sell your partner on that one.) If NSU is not treated, it can cause a man to become infertile and he can spread it to a partner who can also become infertile. Urethritis is the most common condition among men in sexual health clinics. NSU or NGU usually causes no noticeable symptoms in women.